Sustainability Bootcamp

BST Impact Sustainability Bootcamp Training is a 20-hour intensive course on how to “do” and pragmatically showcase your commitment to Social and Governance to all your stakeholders.

The course is designed for business enterprises and asset managers/owners alike, as it brings people together from both sides of the investment to discuss challenges and best practices, always adopting an approach based on the achievement of the SDGs and the underpinning international law standards.

BST Impact offer their 40+ years of experience in social sustainability and governance to help you face upcoming requirements on human rights due diligence, multi-stakeholder engagement, or non-exploitation, and show you how you can make it work for yourself.  This is a practical 8-week online programme, split into 5 live modules with your trainer, allowing you to learn from anywhere. During this training, you will be able to engage in a real-time discussion about your specific challenges, complete exercises, carry out group work and draft strategies. 

The course material includes video tutorials and PPTs for you to keep, extensive strategies with pertinent questions for due diligence, as well as other valuable tools: detailed guidance on non-discrimination and non-exploitation policies, fair recruitment, child labour, multi-stakeholder engagement and good internal governance mechanisms, whistle-blower and contract policy; social KPIs; guidance on how to connect the E (“environment”) and S (“social”) of ESG; a ready-made value alignment with your investors; best practices; case law studies & implications analysis; and a comprehensive sustainability glossary.

Bootcamp participants will receive 50% off for three months on Cogneum’s Sustainability Suite platform.

Cogneum customers will receive 20% off on the bootcamp.

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