Sustainability Suite Streamlines Performance Improvement, Stakeholder Engagement and Reporting

It is a scalable, enterprise platform that is deployed in the cloud and can also run in a private cloud or on premise.


Combines all required activities into one easy to use platform

Sustainability Performance


Corporate Governnace

Document management

Audit trail

KPI analysis

Evidence tracking


Multi-framework support

Report generation

Project management

No installation required, works in a browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Data and information can be input to the platform manually, by uploading spreadsheets and documents or integrating directly with data sources (HR, Finance, ERP or other systems).

It is user friendly and intuitive to use.

Activities in Detail

Reporting Process


Work with colleagues across the hall or across the world

KPI analysis

View and analyse key performance indicators for better decision-making


Multi-framework support

Supports GRI, UN SDP, DJSI, TCFD, Equator Principles and more. You can create your own bespoke frameworks.

Document management

Never worry about losing a document again. All documents are tracked and securely stored.

Evidence tracking

Data and information in the system is backed by evidence that is uploaded and linked directly to disclosures or report sections

Report Generation

Report templates make is straightforward to create framework specific reports as well as stakeholder specific reports for internal or external purposes.

Audit trail

A permissions based system ensures users only see and do what they are allowed to. An audit trail is maintain of each users activities as well as changes to documents


The platform integrates with email and calendar systems (Microsoft and Google) so that all communications with stakeholders can be managed from within the platform

Project management

Tasks are clearly assigned to people and data sources and all progress is tracked by the platform. Administrators can oversee sustainability initiatives using dashboard and stay on top of progress

Product Benefits

Operationalise Sustainability Management

All tasks are clearly defined and can be tracked and verified. All required KPI’s, information and tasks are assigned to individuals, business units or data sources; progress is tracked, evidence is added and an audit trail of all activity is maintained.

Clearly Defined Workflows

We focus on process so you can focus on the job at hand. We partially automate some workflows and fully automate others.

Manage the Complexity

Complete oversight of your performance improvement, stakeholder engagement and reporting activities within your organisation across functions, business units and geographies.

Reporting Process

Robust Compliance and Governance

Comply with the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (and frameworks such as GRI and UN SDG) as well as fulfilling your Corporate Governance obligations.


Know Your Stakeholders and their issues

Record details of investors, regulators, suppliers, clients, internal and external staff. Record meetings, agendas and decisions taken all in one platform. Be in top of stakeholder issues and easily audit how you engage with stakeholders.

Create both internal and external reports

Generate high quality, compliant reports faster and with less effort. Automate report generation.

Enterprise Grade Features


Report Dashboards provide a snapshot of each document in progress and the status of all content and contributors. Stakeholder Engagement Dashboards track stakeholder engagement processes, issues and decisions. KPI Dashboards summarise KPI’s in charts and graphs for easy analysis.


The permissions system is role based. Define roles and assign them to users. The platform comes with a number of pre-defined roles such as administrator, contributor and verifier. Additional roles can be created to match the roles in your organisation.

Data and Information Management

Manage all the data and information required for the performance improvement, stakeholder engagement and reporting report in one place.  

See at a glance what's completed, missing or requires correction.

Integrated Regulations & Frameworks

Regulations (such as EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive) and Frameworks (such as GRI and UN SDG) are fully supported. All documentation is at your fingertips and integrated into the platform. It also supports creation of bespoke frameworks.

Adapts to your business

Want to add an objective, KPI, disclosure or report template? No probem. You can add it or we can add it for you. We can customise all aspects of the platform to suit your organisaton and the way you work.

Cloud, but Not Multi-tenanted

All the advantages of the Azure cloud without the security downsides of a tenanted (shared) platform. Each client receives their own private environment and their own data and information store.

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